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Executive Team Bios

Craig White

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Evocca College, Craig White is responsible for the overall leadership and success of the organisation so that it achieves its vision of being Australia’s leading education provider.

Craig brings extensive experience in leadership and management to his role at Evocca having previously held the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at a variety of public companies, including the South Pacific and Korea Division of The Coca-Cola Company, Billabong International Limited, and the Australian Agricultural Company Limited, where he also held the role of Acting Chief Executive Officer for a period of six months.

Holding the role of Evocca’s CFO before being appointed to CEO in July 2015, Craig has a comprehensive understanding of the education sector and is passionate about driving the organisation forward to achieve its vision and ensuring that as an industry leader it sets the standard for best practice.

To achieve this, Craig works closely with key stakeholders and government to drive continuous improvement and innovation both in Evocca and in the industry as a whole.

Janet Dalby

Chief Academic Officer

Janet Dalby is well versed in academic governance and management with more than 20 years of experience providing educational services in the corporate, private training and public polytechnic and university sectors.

Having worked for leading training organisations in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, she is highly experienced in analysing government legislation and implementing academic policies and procedures that are of the highest standard.

As Chief Academic Officer at Evocca College, Janet is responsible for the academic delivery of Evocca’s courses and for implementing best practice across the organisation to ensure it delivers an exceptional education experience.

David Schweitzer

Chief Financial Officer

David Schweitzer has extensive financial experience and brings an array of skills in financial management and mergers and acquisitions to Evocca College as its Chief Financial Officer.

Coming to Evocca from KPMG, where he spent 13 years as Director of Mergers and Acquisitions, David’s career has seen him work with leading national and global organisations such as Virgin, Campbell Brothers, Thiess and Endeavour Foundation.

In his role at Evocca, David works closely with the CEO on the strategic growth and development of the organisation, as well as having responsibility for the Finance and Information Technology functions within the business.

Nicole Grundy

Chief Operating Officer

In her role as Chief Operating Officer at Evocca College, Nicole is responsible for various aspects of the organisation’s operations, including the Human Resources function.

A former owner and operator of a specialised medical training provider and with extensive experience in human resources, Nicole is skilled in operational management and in coordinating large teams of professionals.

Nicole plays a key role in helping Evocca to deliver on its mission, vision and values. In her role she ensures streamlined operations and procedures are in place across the organisation’s multiple locations to assist students to meet their educational goals.

Zane Beard

Chief Business Development Officer

Through his role as Chief Business Development Officer at Evocca College, Zane Beard has played an instrumental role in the organisation’s growth from a Queensland based education provider to a national brand.

He is a specialist in sales, marketing and property negotiation and in identifying regions and markets for expansion, the latter of which has led to him successfully launching Evocca nationally across Australia.

Appointed to direct the Sales, Marketing and Development functions across the organisation, Zane works alongside the Executive Leadership Team to oversee the representation and growth of the business in existing and future markets.

Hugh Guthrie

Chairperson of Evocca College’s Academic Quality Assurance Board

Hugh Guthrie is an esteemed leader within the vocational education and training sector in Australia, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry working as a researcher and practitioner.

Hugh’s career has seen him lend his skills to some of Australia’s leading education institutions, including Flinders University, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the National Centre for Vocational Education Research.

In addition, Hugh has also been an executive member of HERDSA, AUSTAFE, AITD in South Australia, VISTA and is a founding member of the Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association. His services to the AVETRA were recognised in 2013 through his receipt of the Berwyn Clayton Award.

As Chairperson of Evocca College’s Academic Quality Assurance Board, Hugh works to ensure that Evocca continues to deliver an exceptional learning experience to students.

Professor Emerita Berwyn Clayton

Board Member of Evocca College’s Academic Quality Assurance Board

Berwyn Clayton also serves on Evocca College’s Academic Quality Assurance Board and, like Hugh, has considerable experience within the VET sector, providing her expertise and knowledge to a number of national forums and councils.

Also a founding member of the AVETRA, where she served as President from 2000 to 2004, Berwyn’s career has seen her work with the National Skills Standards Council and on Innovation and Business Skills Australia’s Education Sector Advisory Committee.

Berwyn’s extensive contribution to the industry was recognised in 2014 when she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Australian Training Awards.

Berwyn brings her considerable knowledge and experience in improving policy and quality practices, particularly within the assessment and teaching fields to her role on the AQAB Board.